Thursday, May 07, 2009

Twelve For Twelve

The Indians retire none of the first 12 batters we send up in the sixth. And all 12 score before an out is recorded. Red Sox roll 13-3, with Youk, Jacoby, and Papi out. Lugo and Rocco came through. Well, everybody did in that one inning...

Yanks are in a homer-fest with Tampa at Air Current Stadium. Pettitte gave up four dongs. But Damon's two-out, eighth inning homer tied it at 6, and Mo came in for the ninth...and he gave up two home runs! Yanks trail 8-6, going bottom nine. I will update.

Update, 10:38: And just after the entire Red Sox post-game coverage ends (our game was 2:35 long), the Yanks' ninth ends--they lose their fifth in a row! The empty seats are PISSED right now.


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