Friday, May 15, 2009

Tree Tings

1. Keep watchin' those Mets tix. They keep running out, adding more, running out, adding more, etc. Still mainly singles, but some multiples in the 75-dollar zone. They also added upper level SRO for the Toronto series, which is the next home series, right before the Mets come in.

2. Reminder to Connecticut people: Sunday, channel 30, me and my mom on the news, during the sports report. I don't know the time. Check the 5, 6, and/or 11. That's all I can tell ya.

3. In case you missed it last weekend, I discovered that the Phillies had already finished first in our contest a few days earlier. Lee, please e-mail me. You won. I hope Lee didn't disappear forever like the winner of last year's Manny's 500th HR contest. But second place is still up for grabs. The Royals just need one more total, and eight teams need just two.

Should be able to get pairs and 4s on the phone. Was able to yesterday, in the bleachers. They also had some stuff for June Yankees series.
Yeah, phone's always an option, 877 REDSOX9 for those who don't know.

Thanks--glad you scored.

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