Friday, May 22, 2009

Tonight's "Moment"

Top right corner, gray jersey, ninety-one-in' it with the sweatshirt tied around waist. I pretty much had to get on being in that spot. My pics to come tomorrow.

Coming home, I heard a disturbing answer to a question on "Red Sox Replay." The semi-drunk caller's question was, "If Jason Bay's ball had bounced back onto the field, what's the call?" The host's immediate silence told me he was thinking, "I don't know, and I'm certainly not going to give a straight answer as I'm scared to death right now." After his pause, he says, "well there's a yellow line there." (Psst. There isn't.) Then he said how if the ball hits over the "line," it's a home run. Then he so obviously danced around the question by talking about the Green Monster and about replays (even noting that there haven't been any calls reversed due to replays yet, which is, of course, false, too). The caller kept trying to get a definitive answer, but the guy (I think John Ryder--I've heard him pull this routine on baseball rules questions before) wasn't going anywhere near it.

First of all, I'd think a question like this wouldn't even make the air. But if it did, it would be a layup for the host, just a chance to casual fans know the rule. Second, the proper answer should have been: "It's very simple. If the ball goes over the wall, it's a home run. If it doesn't, it's not." The fact that the host couldn't come up with this (in any amount of words) is unbelievable to me. No baseball instincts, and no simple Fenway knowledge. In other words, Terrible Job!

But nice win by us tonight. Sweep. Half-game out.

Edited to add: I met commenter "HorshamScouse" tonight--he was hanging out with Kelly (Sitting Still), and she spotted me in pre-game. I went back and checked to remind myself of his past comments here, and I saw that he was the one who got that screen shot of me on TV during last year's playoffs....speaking of me on TV.

I'm glad that Jacoby and Vernon Wells didn't get hurt running into that big black arrow cursor floating above the warning track. What's the ground rule on that thing?
That arrow addition is so last week, you totally should know about it by now...
Whoops....m-m-m-m-m-m-my mistake!

I amused myself anyway, which is all that matters :)
No, you amused all.

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