Saturday, May 23, 2009


Our game and the Jays game were in the to of the ninth at the same time. They were losing by one, with three on and two out, and we were up one, needing one more out. I knew since both games were close, there was no guarantee that we'd win, they'd lose, and we'd jump them into first place. But honestly, I would've thought only theirs could go the wrong way. But Pap gives up a dong--and I knew it was gone right away, it was obvious--after WALKING the leadoff man, and the Mets had the lead. And we hit three balls hard in the bottom half, but they made every play, and we lose 3-2. And goddamn it.

That guy who hit the dong: I know you only had one homer before in your career, and I know you hit the ball hard, but come on--screaming as you hit the ball and all the way down to first? On a ball that got over the wall by eight inches? That's a big risk--if that ball is a foot lower--or if the replay that had to be checked to verify it was a home run at all goes the other way, you end up standing on second, and the next guy could make the final out, and who are you? Screamy McGee, the man who lost his shit for absolutely no reason. But "if"s are for Yankee fans--I'm just sayin', might not wanna dig in too deep next time you're in the batter's box.

I'm going to Fenway tomorrow. Good chance for me to see a win, I guess.

Well, it's a shame that they wasted what was probably Beckett's best performance of the season, but then again he has only his poor fielding to blame for that run in the first inning. And I guess Paps was due for a blown save, but giving up a dong to Omir Freakin' Santos?!? I hate when we get beat by scrubs. Oh well, it's a long season.
AJM, it was BY FAR Beckett's best 2009 start but that first inning unearned run loomed large as the night progressed. We were standing and cheering here for that last ninth inning out, but no dice. To say we were deflated is a huge understatement. It happens.

Jere, if you're there at the Fens and Wakes has his control, maybe we'll hit the ball a little (lot) better and win it going away. Have a great time and a great Memorial Day weekend. Drive safely...there are too many idiots out there on the highways and byways.
Jere , the way Pap has been acting you should have no problem with Santos yelling......Did you see Pap storm out of the dugout on the FC....he needs to reel it in a bit..
Know you had a great time today - after the delay of course.
A good win, a great job by the pen.
And thanks for the pics from Pawtucket. I'm hoping I can come up early for JoS1 and catch the Sunday PawSox game. I love minor league parks!
Went to Durham to watch the Heels in the ACC tournament yesterday at the Bull's Stadium, which has it's own monster - a BLUE one. And I am hoping to go down to Greenville (about 3 hours) to catch one of the games that Smoltz pitches in, if he's still there when the Drive returns home from their road trip.

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