Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sox Vs. Grinning Native Peoples, 7:Ten

This Cleveland guy, LaPorta, LOVES the Red Sox. But he's not on the team due to "god's plan." If you love the Sox so much, I'd say Goddy McGee's lost a little off his fastball!

That Just For Men "high school reunion" commercial ("Who's that?" "My husband.") needs to just shut up. And who's singing, the Whos down in Whoville?

Sox/CLE starts soon--the pregame talk has begun. Eck called it "sickening." Lowell says the list of people kids can look up to is getting shorter and shorter. And Kotsay's pissed because he's a Dodger fan! Jim Rice: "I didn't use drugs. You don't need that."

As of 6:27, in our contest, we've got the Phillies alone in first, and the five untaken teams making a group of six. Then there are six teams tied for second, six tied for third, and six tied for fourth. 6!


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