Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sox Now (Win)

4:06: Pap gives up a single, but gets the save. 3-1 win. First place.

3:55: We go bottom nine. All we needed was one baserunner for Jacoby to get his chance, and we did--but the next guy hit into a DP. So unless the Twins score exactly two here, the streak ends at 22. Pap going for the save now, 3-1 SOX.

3:24: Wow, so their catcher and Gardenhire were ejected on that last play at home. Now, Tek gets all pissed at the ump and he gets tossed! As does Tito!

3:20: 3-1 us, bottom 7. Tek with a massive dong into the seats above that high wall of seats above the baggie. And then Bailey tries to score on a sac fly and is called safe. Don, for some reason told the audience his hand didn't touch the plate, and that he was tagged. I don't know what he was watching, because I saw a non-definitive tag and Bailey's hand touching the plate. Ellsbury hasn't extended the streak yet but will get one more chance if we get one more baserunner (with no DP, pickoff, etc.).

2:45: 1-1, mid sixth. Earlier, Papi checked his swing and the bat broke! I immediately thought of Jim Rice, who supposedly did that because he was so strong, but Don and Ron didn't get to talk much about it because it ended the inning. We got no replay until the next time Papi came up, and sure enough, he did break it on the check, and it went flying around his body. Terribly, Don didn't seem to notice that it was a check swing. He thought it was just swing where the bat broke. Ron did note the Jim Rice thing, saying he broke a bat over his back, which I assume means at the end of the swing. Anyway, I feel like they kept that highlight from us so they could use it as the sponsored "freeze cam" replay. Oh, and then Papi broke another bat over his knee after striking out his next time...

2:20: Beckett gave up a solo dong, but now Tek has hit one of his own. 1-1 in the fifth. Yanks are off, so we're either a half-game up or down after today. Ron Coomer, who works for the Twins, is filling in for Dave Roberts filling in for Jerry Remy.


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