Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sox At Leftern Coast (Updatin') (Over-We Win)

1:29: Papelbon gets the save. We win 4-3. Scioscia pissed again.

!:!!: Sox take the lead in the ninth on Tek's double, scoring Drew from first!

12:43: Papi HBP knocks in one, Bay groundout ties it! 3-3, mid eighth.

12:34: Lowell kind of nonchalanted a grounder by Figgins and he came around to score to make it 3-1 them. But we have loaded the bases with one out in the eighth, with Papi up....

11:34: More Aramark vendors, more numbers on their backs (in the crowd at Anaheim). i have written to the company to request more info. In the meantime, the other AL teams they're partnered with are: Mariners, Royals, Twins, Orioles, A's, Jays. So we'll watch to see if they have the numbers. The Phillies and Angels vendors seem to have that team's font for their numbers--the Fenway vendors have generic black numbers. 2-1 Angels in the 5th--Masterson is putting a lot of guys on, not a lot of control.

10:40: Crazy comeback win for the Celtics, so again we've got two other Boston teams winning playoff games with the Red Sox the last team to finish up. Drew's dong makes it 1-1 in the second. Youk to DL...

9:32: Yanks lose, Halladay complete game, 103 pitches, under 2.5 hours.

9:09: Peter Abrams: "The Rogers Centre fans are chanting “steroids” at Alex and a fan just threw a foul ball he hit back on the field." Yanks trail 4-1, down to their final three outs.


Weaver to spin the wheel of fish against Masterson and the Sox in Anaheim in an hour and a half. I will do some updates in this post.

Yanks at Toronto going on now--Halladay up 3-0 against Burnett in the sixth. Jeter's out of the lineup with a sore oblique. Matsui left this game with a tight hamstring. And I guess Phil Coke is out, too. The bad luck continues for them. The laughter for me.


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