Friday, May 22, 2009


On a night when Eckersley blatantly said "shit" on the air (mid-inning, not when he thought he was off-air), the Red Sox and their fans can say the same thing. This is the game the Mets were expected to win with Santana, and they did it. Yanks lost 7-3 to the Phils, though--their streak is over, and we stay one up on them. Jays are scoreless in the eighth, and will either stay a half game up, or go 1.5 up. [Update: Jays lose 1-0, so we're 0.5 back AND the Jays move into a tie with KC for second place in our contest! Finally another team is within one.]

Didn't I say something about possible accidental cursing when we found out Eck would be in the booth?

Here's something I've been meaning to talk about--it didn't happen tonight. But Jacoby Ellsbury, fast as he is on the basepaths, doesn't seem to be the best slider. Several times I've seen him go straight into a base, instead of seeing where the fielder is and trying to get around him with a slide to one side or the other. Maybe he's just going so damn fast, he has no time to react. But I felt vindicated in my opinion Wednesday night, while listening to the game on radio. Jacoby was out at the plate, and I said to Kim how maybeit was because of his slide. Then Castiglione, watching the replay, says that he went straight in, and had he gone to the front side, he definitely would have been safe, as he looked safe to begun with. And I was like, "Aha! Sliding straight in!" So, is it my imagination, or does that happen a lot? I feel like if he can learn to go around people, he'll be even more amazing on the bases.

Edited to add: I don't like the new "stars 'n' stripes" hats. (I didn't like last year's either.) I think even if I was super-duper patriotic guy, I still wouldn't like them. They just look wrong.

Pedroia seems to be the guy to ask about sliding. I love it when he goes in and lifts one arm then puts it down while lifting the other one, or going all the way around the bag to try to touch it from behind. Snicker.
Yeah I believe he did it last night, getting called safe on the trick slide. At least it looked like it from the CF bleachers. He really should give Jacoby a lesson. (In exchange for a speed lesson.)
Last Evening, as we Red Sox Nation NYC Types, were viewing S N Y, with Gary, Keith and Ron(From Worcester), Webb The Director had a more-classical angle than did N E S N, as we saw more of Sr Kapstein, as well as Drinkwater:

Gary wished Remy a Speedy Recovery, during a shot of "Eck" on N E S N. Ron and Keith joined in;

I was seated next to a Mets Fan. When the Mets won 5-3, that Mets Fan didn't gloat at all, as Mets Fans know their game, unlike Yankees "Fans";

& Lugo is in need of an ankle hang from some part of the Verrazano Bridge, as Lugo grew up in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, near Bay Ridge.
Interesting comment about Jacoby Ellsbury's slides into bases. I've noticed the same thing myself when he slides - it's straight in. When he stole home against that team - whatever they're called - from New York a few weeks ago, he stumbled when starting his dive, went straight into the plate, and made it closer than it should have been. Maybe the stumble can be blamed, but I don't think so.

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