Sunday, May 10, 2009

Series Win

I really wanted that series win and we got it. Papi with a key double, helped out by the fans going nuts for him, and Bay with more of his usual--knocking in the go-ahead run late. And Pap gets out of a two on, none out jam. He struck out Carl Crawford--despite Joe Morgan's insistence that he wants to pitch around him and face the best hitter in the league, Longoria, with the bases loaded and a one-run lead in the ninth.

Great moment when Burrell flinched as the crowd cheered Big Baby's Buzzer Beater.

Did you see Wally's mom?

Great seats available for next home series. But first we take our final west coast trip of the year. Late games--woohoo! (Dear average person, that wasn't sarcastic, I love watching games deep into the night when everybody's asleep. Remember, the early bird misses all the late-night fun.)

Did you see Aubrey-ana Huff-ington mocking Joba's fist pump? Very nice. And on meth-er's day to boot, haha. By the way, their game should've been called "Orioles Fan 101," as it would be a great intro to what it's like to be an O's fan. They should've scored so many more runs in that game. But apparently Adam Jones has yet to master sliding. And the Yanks get two infield singles with two outs and get a homer to give them the lead. O's fans, you deserve better. Good times are on the horizon...small as they may appear right now. I also discovered that Providence has an AM station that carries Yanks games. Terrible job, but hey, at least I can flip them on if I only have a radio (that doesn't get 880--my car does, almost as if it was so used to the Tri-State that it still picks up the NY stations blindfolded.) Anyway, there was a local ad for a pizza place during the game that mocked the "evil empire." Nice!

We have a Yankees affiliate up here out of Dover, NH (has better reception than any of the Red Sox stations on the AM dial...) - one of the commercials I heard last year was for some business and the guy said, "I'm like you. When the Red Sox aren't on I like to turn on WTSN and root for whoever's playing against the Yankees."

I got a huge kick out of that.

I also loved the Aubrey Huff fist pump! Although you have to be careful with Joba because we all know he might throw at your head because you looked at him the wrong way or something.
Hey Jere,
Loved Huff's mockint of JTC. I will be in Seattle for Saturday and Sunday's games. Will send pictures if you are interested. Used your wait, don't panic and buy from ticket agencies method for Sundays game, which is close to being sold out, apparently. Got great seats 14 rows behind third base from the website when they dumped tickets. Now I have to find some street parking close to SAFECO and the Jere method of going to the game will be in action.
Ish--I didn't know that about that affiliate--thanks.

HB: Glad you are using my methods! The way you worded it almost sounds like you meant that people SHOULD buy from an agency, which, of course, is NOT what I recommend--I know what you meant, though. Just thought I'd clear that up in case anyone takes it the wrong way..

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