Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Red Sox lose 5-2. The classic "one bad inning" for Lester. (If he was a Yankee, they'd just throw that inning out, call it a masterful performance, and start filming the Yankeeography.) After we took a 1-0 lead, Wicked Sid gave 5 right back. Jacoby extended the hit streak to 21, though. And Toronto lost, so we're still in first.

My latest Photo Sleuth post is up at Baseball Digest.

And I will add Yankee updates--they started very late, and trail 2-0 after 2. Melky left the game with a shoulder injury (they had to pop it back in), and Joba has thrown 52 pitches through 2 innings.

12:36 AM: Terrible Job-a lasted four innings. But the Yanks tied it at 3 in the sixth.

12:59: Texas takes the lead in bottom 6, and Swisher grounds into bases loaded DP to end the seventh! 4-3 us, stretch time.

1:12: Rangers up 6-3 after 7.

1:39: Yanks lose 7-3. Eat it, you holes. "Swish" is 8 for his last 67. And that's their right fielder for ya. We stay one game up. And no team in baseball scores more than 8 runs tonight--needless to say, no team in our contest makes a move, as we're mainly waitin' on double-digits at this point.


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