Friday, May 01, 2009

Navy Sox

If you were a Yankee fan, would you wear a shirt that had the Red Sox logo, but with the socks in blue, boasting that you wear "navy sox"? Well here's your chance! Seriously, the person who came up with that was thinking way too hard. Or not at all. I know I wouldn't wear a shirt boasting of my love for white pinstripes (which are on the white Red Sox home uniform, you just...can't see 'em! Hey, you can't disprove it, they're invisible! Like marshmallows in a snowstorm.) Thanks to Pat for the link. (Ironically, Friday is the night the Sox DO wear navy socks--at least I think they still will be with the blue alternate jerseys, which are the Friday night uniform, though they've gone back to red with the regular road uni. We'll see tonight. Hey, if they listened to our complaints about the blue socks, let's all write in and tell them to scrap ALL alternate crap!)

Also, the discounted food prices at Fenway were supposed to be for April. Yet O'Brien on radio read the ad for it the other night, even though the team had already played their last April home game. I hope this means they'll continue it...but it could just further show that Dave's asleep at the wheel.

And what's going on with Remy? What's this under the weather crap? It's at the point where everybody's wondering, so they might as well just tell us.

Clemens: man-boobs. But we could see those anyway.

Does this mean the Yankees will have a golden bra in the clubhouse instead of the golden thong they had last year to go over those man boobs?
Yanks Paid For A-Rod, Clemens 'Man Boob' Surgeries

May 1, 2009

Players Had “Issues” With Their Appearance

“Implants Safer Than Steroids” Says Team

New York - The New York Yankees have confirmed that the team paid for 'man boob' implant surgery for both Alex Rodriguez and Roger Clemens. “They both had issues with their appearance,” said a team official who asked not to be identified, “and we thought the implants would make them more secure off the field and, as a result, more productive on it.”

In a terse official statement Yankee President Randy Levine said, “Breast implants are not illegal.” Levine’s statement is an apparent rebuttal to recent published reports that some Yankee officials were suspicious that anabolic steroid use had caused the obviously blooming breasts of both Rodriguez and Clemens.

Rest of story:

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