Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother (Humpin' Rays)

Mom and I went to Fenway and saw the bad kind of blowout. Almost got interesting there, but, we lose 14-5. At least, again, I got to catch some innings from good seats. A few pics to come later. Hughes got destroyed in Balty, and the Yanks lost in the same fashion, so we got that goin' for us. The Jays won, so we're a game back. Gotta win this TB series Sunday night.

The contest is heating up! I knew the Royals were in good shape, but could they catch the Phils, who have been one total away for a few days? Yes! The Royals were shut out tonight, so there's a tie for the top spot, with six teams tied for second, one total back.

So I need a tiebreaker, just in case two teams reach the holy goal on the same day. In that case, the winner will be the earliest team to do it--according to the time in the time zone their game is in. So the minute a team's game ends, we check the clock in whatever time zone they're currently playing in. First team to do it, under those rules, wins. (If two teams have a chance to win and are scheduled to play each other, I'll come up with a new tiebreaker beforehand, in case they both reach the goal in the same game against each other.) Also remember that if the Nats or Astros are within one of the goal when another team reaches it, the completion of their suspended game will still count, if necessary. Hey, does anyone know if there are any other suspended game right now? I feel like I would've noticed if there was one.

To answer your question about whether Castig caught a ball yesterday - Well, not really answering because I don't know. I wasn't listening to the radio at that point.

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