Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lose! Twins!

After a few innings, I felt optimistic, thinking we'd eventually stop leaving runners on base. After we took a 5-1 lead, though, I got a little Pesci, wishing we were up by more than four, considering we were outhitting the Twins 11-1. Then after hearing three incorrect scores (thinking Dave O'Brien said the Sox are "up by 1" when he really said "up 5-1," then thinking he said "this game is tied" when he must've said "this game is five....[to three]," and finally hearing a fellow Memorial Day party guest say "I just checked and it's 8-3" when it was really 6-3), it just became an emotional roller coaster. I finally got to a TV in time to see a Twin rounding the bases to cut it to 6-5 in the ninth, and watched Pap get the last guy to end it.

So we're a game up on the Yanks, and suddenly Toronto's in third, 1.5 back. The Rays are 5 back after blowing a 10-0 lead!

We have the best record in the American League (but still, of course, the most complaints of possibly any fanbase. Relax, people! Enjoy!)

In the contest, second place is still out there--the Rockies joined four other teams needing one more total, and ten more teams need two. The Tigers (who nobody selected) are also one away, needing a seven-run game.


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