Friday, May 15, 2009

Late Friday Nite

1:14: Goddamn it. Bay's fly ball to the wall with the tying run on ends it. 5-4. These last few losses have not happened. They are a dream and I'm hoping to wake up. Pukebarf. Dogpatch. Pukedogbarfpatch.

12:29: We've blown our second 4-0 lead against an old rookie of this roadtrip. 5-4 them, 7th inning stretch.

12:05: Ichiro hit a dong earlier, so 4-1, Lester still in there, bottom 6.

11:09: Lugo tries to hit into a rally-killing DP, but the throw to first is low, and two runs score. 4-0 SOX after 2.5.

11:00: Ellsbury is sparking the hell out of us, with key extra-base hits in the first and second innings. Sox 2, Seattle 0. Yanks won when Joe Nathan couldn't hold a TWO run lead in the ninth. They also topped themselves cheapness-wise tonight when Gardner actually hit a *bloop* inside-the-park home run.

So, you know how teams copy us all the time now? This weekend in Anaheim I heard they had a kid say "play ball" before the game. That's our thing--every game. Tonight before this game in Seattle, a kid saying "play ball"....Well, I'm sure Dr. Charles got that from somewhere...


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