Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hyp Hyp

When A-Rod was caught, Yankee fans deflected it by saying "oh, everybody did it," "eh, nothing surprises me," and the worst one: "it's just sad," implying you're a bad person if your reaction was anything else (like being pissed off at him for being a cheater, or being happy that a player you hate got caught).

So....I expect they'll say all the same things now, right? Fat chance.

I always assumed that there were probably a few guys on the 2003-2007 Red Sox who tested positive for PEDs at some point, but I really never thought there was much chance that Manny was one of them. In his case I was always willing to buy that his incredible hitting ability was a combination of tremendous natural ability and a phenomenal amount of hard work and practice at his craft. So this is pretty disappointing, even though I don't tend in general to get that worked up over the issue of ballplayers taking PEDs.

Pretty dumb of Manny to get caught in this fashion at this late date given the stricter testing procedures and bigger focus on the problem over the past few years. And the Manny-for-Bay trade, which already was looking pretty good this season, now is looking really fantastic for the Sox.

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