Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eat Up Martha

Is UPI writing its articles on a Newton?

Allan Wood pointed out that their game story from Sunday's Red Sox win credited "Pedro Martinez" as the winner of the game. (It was really Ramon Ramirez, as Pedro Martinez hasn't pitched for Boston in quite some time.) I checked out the rest of the article and found that Brian Shouse was referred to as "Brad Shouse" and Jason Bartlett as "Jason Barrett."


I picked another game story of theirs, first one I saw, and checked that out. Ronnie Belliard is "Robbie." Daniel Cabrera is "Cabera." Josh Willingham? "John."

UPI's slogan? "100 Years of Journalistic Excellence." Considering they started in 1907, I guess the excellence has run out.

From wiki: "UPI's end as a truly viable news service occurred in 1999"
There's a pretty good reason as to why I've never heard of them before! (This is Ish by the way. I'm too lazy to log out and log in as myself.)
When I was growing up, UPI and AP were the two biggies. But UPI obviously quickly declined.

They were like MCI (who you probably also never heard of) and AT&T.

Like WHT (who you probably also never heard of) and HBO.

Like Beta (w.y.p.a.n.h.o.) and VHS (ditto).

I am getting old....
Heard of MCI, never heard of WHT or Beta.
I think you meant "beat up martin." Just thought you should know.
Nobody remembers WHT--it was the "other" movie channel. I think it stood for World Home Theater. We didn't have either.

It's too bad--with the decline of all tapes comes the decline of being able to make fun of Beta.

Ah, beat up Martin. Damn Newtons.
I remember WHT!
Didn't WHT have Mets games and hockey?
I never had it, but knew a guy who had WHT AND an Intellivision!
SInce I didn't have it, I don't remember specifics. But I remember Atari/ Intellivision/ Colecovision. Was an Atari man myself, but one kid I knew (the kid who showed Tron at his b-day party) had it. I liked Lock N Chase but that was about it.

Mike--I haven't forgotten about your kwiz prize, I'll be emailing you.

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