Monday, May 11, 2009

Dirty Water TV

If you're in Connecticut, check me out on channel 30 tonight on the 11:00 news. The interview aired at 6:00, too, and I heard it came out great. It will also be on next Sunday--I'll give you better warning leading up to that--today I was in NYC all day with Kim.

When my mom and I were there for the interview, I told Kevin Nathan how the only Sox games I saw growing up were pretty much the Friday and Sunday games on channel 30. I'm happy to report that he said he's amazed by how many people associate his channel with Red Sox games, even though it's been decades since they've shown any.

If you saw me on TV tonight and are coming here for the first time, welcome. Hope you like awesomeness. You can buy our book at pretty much any bookstore in New England, or on any of the online booksellers. Get it here on Amazon.

I saw you and your Mom on the 6pm broadcast. I hope you were able to meet Gerry Brooks and Keisha Grant. Gerry is an avid Sox fan and he reads my blog everday. Keisha is my next door neighbor here in Farmington and she's great. But I think you taped the interview with Kevin separately. It was great, Jere. Hi to your Mom.
I'm so bummed— I recorded the 5pm news! So, I totally missed the interview. I was really looking forward to seeing it too. I bet it was great.
I really thought 5--but he did tell me it would be on againSunday, and I think that will be the longer version.
Hey-- I live in Connecticut, and I missed this!! You didn't tell me??
I clearly did a bad job promoting this, but I will give a heads-up before Sunday.

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