Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day Game (Over)

7:45: single, sac bunt, single wins it for them. We leave 17 men on base...

7:38: Bases loaded, one out, Pedroia Ks, and Papi grounds out to the catcher. We go bottom 12. Pedroia HAS to hit a fly ball there!

7:12: Papelbon leaves second and third, we go to the 12th!

7:00: We go to the bottom of the eleventh. Ramirez has been great for us, getting all six men he's faced in the ninth and tenth.

6:37: We go extras.

6:31: We had two on, one out in top 9, but strand them. Tied at 4, going bottom 9.

6:19: After a one-out triple, Ram-Ram gets Hunter to pop to shallow right. Drew makes the catch, and amazingly, Abreu tries to tag and score. Drew guns him out easily. 4-4, going to the ninth.

6:08: A two-out rally--we tie it on Pedroia's hit in the eighth.

5:57: Sac fly makes it 4-3 them after 7.

5:44: Stretch time in Anaheim. 3-3.

4:48: Ellsbury single ties it. All six runs in the game have come with two outs.

4:37: Penny puts the first two guys on, gets the next two, and then gives up a two-run double. 3-2 Angels, end third.

4:22: Bay groundout makes it 2-1 SOX in the 3rd.

Lugo knocked in a run, it's 1-1 in the third. Penny has looked pretty good through 2.

I'd feel a lot better about the Sox' chances in this game if they hadn't inexplicably chosen not to use a DH today.
Agree, Papi needs to work this out 7-8 not 3. He's wasting good hitting in front of him.

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