Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cubby Bear & Headwear

My friend Bruce sent me this 1984 video of a bar near Wrigley Field that showed Cubs games in the afternoons and held punk shows at night.

And my friend Pat sent me this link to some pretty ridiculous "gumball" style hats. THe Orioles one is the best...

I've been in the Cubby Bear a few times, although I've always preferred Murphy's on the corner behind the bleachers. I wasn't aware of the CB's double-duty as a punk venue. Funny how the "regular people" from the 80's in that video look a lot odder today than the punks, who really haven't gone out of style.
I only went to Wrigley once, but didn't go to any surrounding places. But I did sit in the bleachers.
It always seems like the filler words people use when they're wracking their brains trying to think of the next relevant word are knew. Like. You know? And stuff. etc.

But nope. They've been around awhile.
Growing up in the 80s, "like" was rampant. And any time someone would say it too much, they'd be accused of talking like a "valley girl." That's where I assumed a lot of that stuff came from. I assume the movie of the same name widened the scope of talking that way, and that it's much older than I think it is.
Ah yes. The valley girl. Now we're all valley girls.
I like "like" over "um", like, a lot.
--Jere's mom

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