Wednesday, May 06, 2009


That was a chimp of a game. Big leads mean moving to better seats, though, so I did get some good pics from the field boxes. I'd take a win a million times out of a million over that, though.

I listened to Francesa on the way up, and it was amazing. He was really making fun of the empties at Yankee Stadium. And he was PISSED about Joba going nuts while LOSING the game. "Can ya get a lead first?!" Oh, man, he was yellin' like Dog used to. And he was also all over the Yes guys for acting like Joba--again, the losing pitcher who gave up four runs before getting an out--turned in the greatest performance in history.

Yanks lost tonight--at home again. So there's that. Tex had a chance to tie it with just a sac fly in the 10th, but failed. (And they have to be a little pissed at Pavano beating us tonight. Just a little.) I heard some of Sterling in the car on the way home, and he said, and I swear I'm not making this up, "I've never seen a team get fewer breaks than the Yanks. You'd think they could catch a break just once!" (The next pitch got past the catcher moving Damon to third as the potential tying run, at which point he added, "they get a break there...")

I'll post pics tomorrow.

Just found out--Remy had lung cancer surgery and that's why he's been out. Here's to a smooth recovery, RemDawg.

I had feared the worst about Remy given his years of's wishing him a full and speedy recovery. Great guy, and we need him in the booth for years to come.

Now this one comes as a shocker ...Manny suspended 50 games for failing a drug test:,0,6324894.story

I honestly never remotely suspected him of steroids use; this is a big disappointment to me.

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