Sunday, May 10, 2009

Breaking News: The Phils Won The Contest...Five Days Ago!

I just noticed that the Mariners were the only team not to have scored 4 runs in a game. I thought that was odd, so I double-checked, and found a 4. From April 21st. Now, I had worried that maybe I missed a few scores from early on in the season, but by April 21st, I was updating the list as the games went on, and then one final one at the end of the night. So that was weird that I missed one from that late date. So I went right to the top, and started checking the Phillies' scores. I saw an 11, which was what (I thought) they needed to win. From April 21st! I checked the rest of their sked, and sure enough, they already had all 14 scores needed to win. The 10 they scored last Tuesday, May 5th, had clinched it for them. This contest has been over for five days.

I did a double-check of every other team, and found no more errors. The night of my mistakes was that night when the Sox were rained out, and played that crazy doubleheader the next day, with me not knowing what time to leave for game 2 since I had a ticket. The Mariners played on the coast, and the Phillies played a game with an hour-plus rain delay. I must have gone to bed before those games went final, and forgot to do that night's update the next day with all that rainy craziness.

Of course, the weird thing about the Phils winning is that Lee and Red Sox Diehard both picked the Rangers, and Lee offered to choose a different team, and picked the Phils. And now, Lee's the champ.

But second place is still up for grabs. The Royals are all alone, one 13-run game away from taking the silver medal for Boston Fan in Wichita.


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