Saturday, May 02, 2009


I was fully expecting a game where we get an early lead and never look back. I was almost right. 6-1 became 6-5, but fortunately we pulled away for a 10-6 win.

Pedroia 2-3 with three walks. Bay came out after fouling a ball off his ankle, but he says he's fine now and won't miss any time.

How funny was it when Maddon intentionally walked Dustin to face Papi, and then Papi gets on by HBP, and Youk gets a walk, too?

Remy still out with Canine Flu.

So we're a game out, Yanks are three, TB 6.5, Orioles 7.

Papi's hitless drought continues...are you worried?
I checked the score last night, and was psyched. All the numbers were filled out on the scoreboard, so I thought it was a final; guess I didn't look close enough... A win, plus a new score total from my rays? yes, it was too good to be true, thanks to Saito, apparently. Come on, I need a 5!
Papi has 2 hits in his last 17 at bats, but had 10 in his 29 before that. I think he'll be fine.

Reb, yeah, I saw you almost had a new one...

The Royals are suddenly a good bet. They're tied for second, needing three totals--but two of those are 0 and 3.

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