Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who's Century Is This?

Ours! What a ridiculous game. So much to talk about. The four double plays in five innings, with two other balls that should've been DPs, too. JD Drew playing like that one kid on your Little League team who just did the worst thing possible at every opportunity. Bay's diving catch. The bases loaded, no out jam we got out of. Bay hitting a ball like his dad was kneeling next to him, just tossing it up so he could wail away, and we tie it off our pal Mo with two outs in the ninth. Pap getting out of his jam. And Youk sending us home euphoric. I'm glad my mom was with me in the bleachers to see that one. After shooting no videos all game, I decided when Bay was up that I'd start rolling--and I captured awesomeness. Which I'll post later. Update: Here it is:

Not the best job capturing what actually happened, but I was busy jumping up and down, and I think this captures the atmosphere in the bleachers.


Also: that's some pretty decent timing on when to start filming.
The icing on this cake: kills all the potential momentum the yanks might have gotten from Thursday's 14 inning win. So glad Mary-Ann was able to see this with you!

Great pitching match-up today. Wonder if it still reads that way by the time you read this comment, Jere, a couple hours after the game. Burnett has been brutal in the past, but our bats are looking pretty live right now.
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Okay, so someone told me the word should be "whose," not "who's." I seem to have trouble with this one. I can assure you I looked at it both ways, but ended up convincing myself it was "who's." I think sosock brought this up recently another time, too. So, I'll leave my incorrect line there. I feel like next time I'll do the same back and forth and again end up with the wrong one. We'll see.....

For some reason I thought that "whose" would only be correct if I wanted to say something like "Bob, whose century of choice is the fifth...." When I thought of that, I thought, Okay, what I want isn't that, so I'm goin' with "who's," even though that would mean "who is century is this?" Also, I'd like to point out that all this reasoning went on at 2 in the morning. But I shouldn't use that as an excuse since I'm a night person.

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