Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Washington Nationals...Cannot...Touch...Me

So gold. My big road trip this year is to see the Sox in DC at the Nationals' new park. Chan and I are going down. The Nats are no fools so they made the Red Sox series invite-only. Chan lost the lottery, but I won, so we were in. Today was the big day to buy. I noticed the Nats use as the Sox do, so I was already at an advantage. I did my pre-prep work, and was ready to go at 10:00. Instead of being sent into a VWR, basically any window you opened put you right at the password screen. So you were sent right in to select tickets. I got the "high volumes" error--but that never discourages me...I think of that as "I'm in, I just need to hit continue again and again until I pop through." Which I did after four clicks of continue. The seats I wanted were the ones I got. Washington Nationals ticket office...slain!

By the way, I'm not doing the dream DC/Atl/Balt trip which you could do as the Sox play those teams in order--I settled for just DC. But it should be fun. Mr. Smith goes to you know where.

By the way, the big 2009 contest is up. Enter now. Free, of course.

The key to the Nationals lottery, I found, is to have your kids distract you from getting online till at least 10:35am, then put in a request for the exact seats you want, and then actually get them...still not sure how that all happened...
Nicely played.
I'd love to see the new park. Might have to go up sometime this year. It's not bad, about a 5-hour drive.
Saw the Mets play the Nats last year in JFK (or was it the year before?)
What a crappy place to watch baseball! Glad they upgraded.
SoSock...the new place is nice; a little sterile, I think, but not in that old cookie-cutter sort of way, just not a lot of personality. Great amenities and sightlines, though...definitely a major upgrade over RFK which was a horrible place to watch a game.

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