Saturday, April 11, 2009

A W Is Two Vs

Good to get a win--and with our fifth starter. I love watching Bay hit homers in that Angels park, reminds me of last year's ALDS. Did you notice his sleeve socks are crooked? The socks logo, whether alone or as part of the full logo, is something people have problems positioning. I see it messed up on cars all the time. Some people try to make the top of the top sock horizontal--that turns it too far left. Others try to make the bottom of the bottom sock horizontal--that turns it too far right. And that's what they did with the socks on Jason's sleeve. It's almost like each player was given a logo for their mom to iron on, and Jason's mom got a little too creative. His socks look like they've just kicked, angled up and turned counterclockwise. Maybe that was the key to his success in the field and at the plate in the new road uni, though.

You'd think Fox would have made mention of the fact that we were wearing this new uniform, after having worn the old for 20 years, but no. They also seem to not be using a studio this year! So weird. And listed as the seventh hitter in the Angels lineup instead of "Juan Rivera LF" was "Jon Garland P."

Papelbon killed me with the 0-2 meatballs--and that last ball almost popped out of Rocco's glove (no replay from Fox), but we got it done. 2-3 now.

Hey, when I was at Yankee Stadium, I noticed on one of the instant replays that the camera shot from behind home plate--the one they show on any batted ball--was from below screen level. In other words, you were looking through the screen on any ball in play, like with some spring training games. Makes sense, as the place reminds me of the spring training parks, but I assumed they'll fix this. However, they may not have. Raissman mentions it here.

Speaking of the Yanks, they just beat the Royals 6-1, with Teixeira out of the lineup with a sore wrist, and Baltimore beat TB 6-0. So Toronto is 5-1 and the O's are 4-1. Crazy. We're tied with TB at the bottom, 2-3. Yanks are 3-2.


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