Thursday, April 16, 2009


If you follow this blog, or have spent any time talking to me about the Red Sox, you've heard my wild theory (among others) called "never take Wakefield out." With other pitchers, if they lose it, they lose it, take him out. With a guy throwing knucklers, if he loses it, he can get it back just as quickly, so why waste the bullpen when you can just keep the starter in who's putting less strain on his arm then any other, knowing that he might do just as well or better than the guy replacing him? So I've always said to basically keep him in a game until he truly can't throw any more.

Now read what Wake himself said before today's game: "No matter what, don't take me out."

Haha! Winner! Granted, he was talking about a specific game in which the bullpen needed its rest--but that's what I'm talkin' about! That's exactly what I would've told him today if I were the manager: You're pitching pretty much the whole game today. Only he said it himself! So from now on, when you hear me saying "never take Wake out," it's not just me, it's Wake himself.


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