Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two Mildly Disturbing Things

1. At Fenway Sunday, I overheard the people in front of me talking about how much they paid for their tickets. We had one person who fell for the "you can't get tickets" myth, and one who bought from the team site for face value. The face value person was explaining how the team dumps tickets periodically, which everyone should know by now, but noted that she "got lucky" because she knew when they were going to do the dump. You know how? Because her friend works for a ticket agency and knew when the dump was coming. Okay, last year, I figured out when the dumps happen, so anybody can do this. And, granted, someone that works for a seedy scalping agency is probably as ticket-savvy as I am, since they're whole business is based on gobbling up tickets so they can rip you off. But still, that person saying that led me to believe the team might be tipping off the agencies. I hope not. I should've asked the girl more about it.

2. Remember how my friend Mike and I were discouraged from entering Fenway Park early by the worker who said "there won't be batting practice, they're all hungover"? Only to find out that there was batting practice? Well, this weekend I was entering the park early on the RSN line, and people had come right up to the gate, trying to get in, not realizing they needed to be signed up to do so. That same old dude was there, and guess what he told them. "Don't worry, you can get in in a half hour anyway. Besides, you're not missing anything, they're too hungover for batting practice." I then walked in, up to the Monster, and watched batting practice. This guy must be stopped! I mean, yeah, it's better for me, trying to get a ball, the more people he keeps out, but it's not worth it to know that a Fenway employee is lying to fans! Most of the workers are really nice, but this guy just likes to be a dick, it seems.

Sox at Dragons, 7:ish. Going for a dozen in a row.

Sounds like the guy likes making the same lame joke every day (or making it many times every day). Would the Red Sox truly cancel batting practice because the front office learned that entire 25-man roster went out and got shit-faced the night before?

Still, I say you confront the guy next time. Even if he thinks it's funny, why lie to people who may be making their only trip to Fenway for years?
Right, the fact that he used the same joke is what made me realize he's just trying to keep people away--for some reason.
I don't think there's any sinister reason. He sounds like the guy at work who, if you leave an hour early, *always* says "what, half day today"? Or like a grandparent who makes the same corny joke every single time you see him?
Call the RSN or Kids Nation number, I'm sure they'll love to hear that someone is telling kids that the Sox are skipping batting practice because they are hung over.
When exactly is the dump made? I really want tickets to the Mets series in late May and I'm trying my best to stay away from the scalpers. Been checking every day for them to release more tickets but it would be nice to know exactly when that happens...
As each homestand approaches, they dump. Mets, of course, were lottery "only" and don't even have the T, but I'll be checking. They added Ts to the Yanks series, we'll see if they do it with Mets. Keep watching. Again, I knew more about exact times last year, whereas this year seems more random, but just keep checking. Try the ticket office #, 877 REDSOX9 as the series approaches, too, right up to morning of game.

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