Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two In The Morning

And we're still playing baseball. Papelbon just got the side in order in the 11th. We scored three in the first, but Dice-K had nothing, giving up five in his one inning. They say he's got "arm fatigue." We eventually got the two runs back, and our bullpen hasn't allowed a run. In 10 innings now. 5-5. Updates to follow.

Update, 2:33 AM: Lopez walks THREE guys in the 12th. And with two outs, a freakin' chopper off the plate, and Pedroia tries as hard as he can to throw the guy out at first, but it's just a but too late--though it looked to me like the runner's foot landed before the bag. NESN not worrying too much about it as they just wanna go to bed. Anyway, just an absolute killer of a game. It would've been even if it hadn't been a 10:00 start.

Key plays--Youk NOT sliding into first when he got doubled off. Had he slid, he wouldn't have overshot it and gotten tagged out. Remy & Don don't even point this out. Then, Bay hits a double that may have been a triple had he not looked at the ball and stopped, thinking it was foul. He may have gotten three bases if he'd run out of the box--but it definitely would've scored Youk, had he not been doubled off. NESN also said nothing about this. B'night, everybody.


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