Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Toxic Avendors

Have you noticed the Aramark vendors at Fenway have numbers on their backs now? I wonder if they're just given a number, or if they get to choose like on a softball team. Or maybe it's a code, like football numbers: twenties carry soda, thirties carry peanuts, etc. My guess is they all pick, and the cool kids end up with the best numbers. In fact, I saw a few guys with no number.

I noticed this guy, and wondered if it was a Benito Santiago tribute. To prove whether it was done on purpose, I had to find another single digit number. Finally I saw an "01." But that still could've been done on purpose by a Dukes of Hazzard fan. Eventually though, I saw an "05," an "07," etc., so I guess they just give everybody a two-digit number. I also noticed the lower numbers appeared more in the field boxes. But it's probably a coincidence. Overall, I'd say there's no rhyme or reason to this, other than "everybody gets a random number now." I also feel like putting the number on the front would be better for identifying your vendor. (If you can't tell by simply looking at what he's holding or listening to him yelling it out.)

Before you say "you should send this to UniWatch," note, I tried. Usually Paul posts what I give him, but this time, for whatever reason, he didn't. Maybe it's because other parks do this and he's mentioned it before, or, he doesn't care, or, it's because he took a day off the day after I sent it. I don't know.

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