Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sox/Bucs (Over)

Good article about Dustin Pedroia in Boston Magazine here. In the same issue, there's also a funny one about drunk dudes sneaking into a World Series game.

NYT article about tickets here. It's mainly about concert tickets, but it's much of the same complaining I do about baseball tix. It's so horrible--Ticketmasturbater sells out a concert in seconds. Then, the secondary-market sites (read: filthy scalpers in Armani suits instead of sweatsuits) are immediately flooded with tickets to that same concert, all going for way above face value. Which would be bad enough, but then consider that the secondary-market site is OWNED BY TICKETMASTER. The government needs to take one look at this and SHUT THE WHOLE COMPANY DOWN. I'm glad this is really becoming news now--another major news source is supposed to be putting out another story about this, too. (I only know that because I'm in it!)

Sox at Pirates today. I think I'll do any updates below this instead of above it today.

1:50: TJ by MLB, as the link on to today's game on GameDay takes you to yesterday's Cubs-Angels game. For a corporation that makes so much money, they really do a horrible job consistently with every aspect of their Web sites. Anyway, we're scoreless in the third. Beckett on the mound for us.

1:58: Two-run dong off Beckett, 2-0 Pitt. MLB fixed that link--only took an hour.

2:15: Three-run homer for Ambres. Pirates color man says "uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh" while the other guy calls the play. SHUT UP. A nice long post by me about announcers around the league is overdue.

2:23: About the Boston Magazine article I linked above--I would like to point out that I (and every other blogger, I'm sure) got the email from them as a heads-up about that. Usually when that happens, I don't post about whatever it is, knowing I'll then have the same top post as every other Red Sox blog, and because I like finding stuff myself, but it was a good article, so I went for it. Pirates rallying again, down 3-2 in the bottom of the fourth.

2:28: Pirates tie it at 3.

2:48: Lopez with a nice 1-2-3 fifth. 3-3 in the sixth.

3:00: As long as I'm crediting my sources and acting all cool like I always find stuff on my own, I should point out that my mom gave me the heads-up on that NYT article. 3-3 after 6. Pirates announcer misses a foul ball almost hitting him because he was "looking down at the computer." The play-by-play radio guy. Missing a pitch. I know it's spring training but that is ridic.

3:33: 3-3, middle eighth.

3:43: Pap with an OTT 8th. 3-3 going to the ninth.

3:54: Sox lead 4-3 going bottom 9.

4:00: Red Sox beat Pirates, 4-3, with Chris George closing it out. And that Dallas cop resigned. Nice and nice.


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