Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sox Don't WIn, 8-2

Well we just looked like a bunch of fools out there tonight. I can't even look JD Drew in the eye any more.

I'm happy for Nomar getting a dong.

In case you missed it, Lowrie's on the DL, so the winner of the shortstop battle was Nick Green after all. Velazquez was called up, too.

Bright spot? Lester's work in his innings that weren't the 5-run second.

Brighter spot: Wang gets shelled again, eight earned runs in one-plus innings. That guy's having serious problems. Yanks lose 15-5.

The contest is getting kind of fun. Five of you are tied for the lead with seven unique totals. So you're halfway to the 14 totals needed--but that second half's gonna take a lot longer than the first half did.

I was at the game last night. Had greats seats behind home plate on the first base side. Observations...Big Papi look awful. Seemed to be getting fooled on the off speed pitches. Lowell...S...L...O...W...my goodness he has lost a lot of speed. Lester had one awful inning. In that inning four of the runs came with two outs. Also he took several batters to 0-2 only to lose the battle. The As had several big hits that seemed to drop in just out of reach of our fielders. Just a tough night all around. Still it was fun hanging out a Fenway Park West. At least 50% of fans on hand were Sox fans.
Cool, good to know we were representin'. Yeah, Lester had some bad luck in his bad inning.

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