Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Youk flips to Lopez covering first, and we go to extra innings....

Nope. Lopez misses the easy flip. Winning run scores from second. Bad way to end a winning streak. Of course, we had a huge lead earlier, and another guy I could do without, Brad Penny, did his usual "lot o' runs" thing. But an error by stupid Lugo and one by Lowell cost us big time, too.

I listened to a little bit of this game on radio. Dave O'Brien is suddenly horrible. It sounds like he's trying to be bad to get fired or something. No flavor, no excitement, no info, no interest. What happened? I wasn't even gonna say anything, but just now I saw a replay of a homer I heard him call, and I noticed it hit the foul pole. Which he didn't tell me at the time. Terrible job.

Okay, so I guess the "Blue Sox" experiment is over. I noticed right away we had red sleeves tonight, and then I saw Penny and Tek, and they had red socks. The red does seem muted compared to the home socks/sleeves, but I could be wrong. NESN didn't mention this major uniform change, at least not while I was watching.

We don't seem to have any luck with guys named Javy Lopez. Why is he still on the team now that Hunter Jones is up and pitching well?

I think it was mentioned in a Globe item that the team had brought back the red socks on the road by popular demand from both players and fans. Now if they'd just get rid of the names on back, they'd be perfect IMO.
I know I can't be the only one that thinks we should not be starting Brad Penny? Doesn't he suck? Or am I watching a different game?!

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