Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Roberts Reigns (Update: Reigned Out)

Looks like rain is on its way to Boston. If they do play, Dave Roberts will throw out the first pitch. No "special weather statement" yet....

Update: Looks like they'll do the usual "open gates, sell stuff, see how it goes" routine.

Update: Rain delay. My guess for start time is 8:37.

Update: This stinks--doubleheader tomorrow, 12:35/7:10. I have a single Monster seat. I was psyched for the ultimate: Monster Seats with RSN people for the first half hour, then STAY there and get any ball that comes up there when the rest of the people are getting kicked out and before the new people come up. They won't have BP between games. Crap.

Looks like a rain delay...

In other news, it looks like they have the Evil Alternate Universe Tom Caron doing the pregame show.
Ha. Yeah, he started growing the beard for this Bruins charity thing, and it looked horrible! So he made it into a goatee to make it look a little better.
Well, since there's no game to talk about tonight, I'll send this your way instead in case you've never seen it. A 14 yr old Youk's brief cameo in the 1994 movie Milk Money:

Thanks--Joy Boy linked it a while back. Funny stuff.

Interestingly enough, we're watching the movie Milk right now.

And I also saw the A's lose to the stupid Yanks.

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