Friday, April 24, 2009

Rattle Him

Red Sox fans do not need to be told to get all over guys like Joba, tonight's starter. But if you're going to the game tonight, consider this a friendly reminder. This guy hears what you're saying. He's not the "I'm so focused I don't even hear the crowd" type. I have watched him in the bullpen. Every comment directed at him, from the most creative to the littlest "you suck," he hears, often turning around to look at who said it. I think he's going for the "I'm not intimidated by you" thing by paying attention to it, not realizing that he's only making it worse for himself.

So anyway, what with his DUI and all, we've got a whole new set of comments we can yell at him while he's in the bullpen/dugout. Don't let him off the hook. Till he gets the hook.

I'll be there tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday night--and we're getting incredible weather for this late-April series.


Gabbo! Gabbo! Gabbo!


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