Saturday, April 11, 2009


Late night loss, 6-3. Wake didn't do all that bad. We have been getting robbed in the field a lot, but we need more key hits.

We wore the new alternate blues, complete with blue socks, which were shown off by Masterson. I like how the names are directly sewn on as opposed to being on nameplates. I assume it'll be like that for the new grays which we'll break out tomorrow. I don't like the names at all, but they're gonna be there, scrap the plates.

Yanks won behind notorious cheater and liar Andy Pettitte, so they're a game up on us.

The Red Sox online ticketing service is now using the "two words separated by a space" method instead of the long number.

Ooh! The Blue Jays have finally come up with a slogan: You Belong at the Game. All slogans here.

Wake gave up 5 walks in 6 innings...I'd say he definitely did all that bad, even if he wasn't done any favors by his defense. To be honest, I wish he'd retire and open the slot in the rotation for Buchholz or Masterson.

And as far as the offense being fine, I'd be much more willing to believe that if Papi didn't look completely awful. He still doesn't look like his wrist or knees are okay.
Wait, didn't Papi hit a deep sac fly and two other ropes? Or at least one other rope...

I have always felt since Manny was kicked out that Papi looked sluggish and slightly depressed in general--but I don't believe he can't hit anymore or anything.

Wake had a bad inning. He'll be okay.
Papi is still not driving the ball anything like what he was doing a couple of years ago. His first two poor ABs today are not convincing me otherwise. I don't know whether it's age, the injuries, or both, but this first week has been discouraging.

And if by "since Manny was kicked out" you mean "since Manny made it really clear that he wanted out of Boston", then I guess we agree. I read this winter a quote from Tavarez saying that Manny has made no effort to stay in touch with either him or Papi, so I guess all parties moved on a while ago.

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