Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nothing Hurts

When Clemens was on the Yanks, it seemed like every time he had a bad performance, they'd come out and say he had some new injury you've never heard of. Ever since then, it almost seems like this is the way teams handle horrible performances: "our pitcher did poorly, standby for the injury report." I hate it when my team does this, as I like to admit when my guy shat the bed/soiled the sheets/crapped the cot/pooped the pillow/dookied the duvet. Dice-K did all of these things in one inning last night--yet I sat there waiting for the mystery injury to come out. Remy even suggested one, saying he saw Dice reach for his right hip/lower back.

Then word came out: Dice-K has left the game with arm fatigue. What, so you were gonna keep him in? Come on. Finally, though, the language barrier comes through to help prove my theory. They ask Dice about the "injury," and he says, "I think that I'm OK physically."

Aha! Exactly. This guy's always been honest, again, he simply says how he feels, the order with which injury to fake lost in translation.

Update: They put him on the DL. (Again, a guy who says he's fine.) But it doesn't change my point that every time a guy does poorly, they tell us what his injury was.

Hey, have you been following your team in the contest? I've had my eye on the Jays, as they quickly got their 12 and their 13, and had unique totals the first several games of the season. Last night, though, they separated themselves from the pack, now the only club with eight unique scores. They're followed by three groups of seven teams each, with 7, 6, and 5 scores respectively. Rounding out the back with a sad four scores are the D-backs, Astros, and Brewers. Rebecca was pissed when her Rays went above 13 the other night--sorry, anything above 13 doesn't count, though I guess I could have made a rule where those would count AS a 13. But I kind of like the teams having to get each one of the totals exactly...

Red Sox try to start the winning streak again today at 3:37, and still, not only am I not worried, but I hate the fact that our minute-by-minute society is even necessitating me to debunk worry. Remember when ol' Brooks went out into the free world, and said how it went and got itself in a big hurry? And look, he ended up hanging from the rafters because of it. And I don't mean in a "championship banner" kind of way. So don't worry about the naysayers, they've clearly just started watching baseball. In other words, two weeks to them is a huge chunk of their baseball life. Our team could sleepwalk through the season and still finish above .500 on talent alone. Or think of it this way--it'll be a nice change not to have to hear every idiot reporter talk about how we'll blow our big April lead, which we seem to always have. Not that I don't think we still could be in first by the end of April, but, for now....we've got something to shoot for instead of everyone shooting for us.


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