Monday, April 27, 2009

Night: Good. Quick. Mostly Pressure-Free.

Wakefield once again comes through with a fine performance. And as soon as I saw Wood's first few pitches in the ninth, I envisioned us breaking the scoreless tie with a six-run ninth. I was half right, as Bay hit a three-run dong. Pap with a shaky outing, but we win 3-1, as Cleveland strands the tying runs. (And NESN freezes and everybody missed the last pitch of the game!) Eleven in a row. As the bingo-caller at the Caribe Hilton in San Juan, Puerto Rico circa 1987 would say, "the chicken necks!"

Sabathia threw a 99-pitch complete game. But the Yanks lose 4-2! They're below .500. We can be in first place if Toronto goes down--they're losing 6-1 in the sixth.

(Update: Toronto lost. We're in first by percentage points. Half-game behind St. Louis for best record in baseball. "Too soon to panic?"--every idiotic newspaper reporter, like, two weeks ago)

The 2-6 start by the Sox was clearly intentional, designed to shake the idiot newspaper reporters out of the woodwork.

Oops, I see I repeated myself.

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