Friday, April 24, 2009

Newspapers, Shut Up!

Same old shit-stirring from the Boston media before every Yankee series: "the buzz is gone."

First I see it from a Globe poll asking if the buzz is gone. Then McAdam tells me there will be no drama. Then Chad Finn comes out and tells me "the truth":

"the truth is that the rivalry doesn't quite have the buzz it had a few years."

I assume he means "a few years ago." But anyway, ARE THESE PEOPLE NUTS? This is a hundred-plus year rivalry. There's always a buzz. If these people would sit in the stands maybe they'd know this. If they ever had to BUY tickets maybe they'd know that the Red Sox sell tickets to JUST Yankee games through a lottery.

Trying to gauge a hundred-year old rivalry on a series-to-series basis is like giving the weather forecast for each individual street, anyway. It may shift from strong to very strong over a period of decades, but it's not gonna be one way one year and a different way the next.

I wasn't gonna say anything about this (yet again) after I saw that one Globe poll (which, by the way, sided with ME!), but when stupid Chad "I rooted for the Yanks in 2001" Finn, former fan turned media told me the "truth," I had to say something.

Note to Matty: I know you did a similar thing about '01, and have also felt the rivalry has weakened, but you're a real person and a friend so I respect your opinion.
Okay, I'll bite. I don't read the Globe, but I do read and enjoy Chad's blog from back before he was at the Globe, and I don't recall him saying any of this. Is it in today's article? Don't see anything online. In fact, his blog post yesterday was actually all about making snarky comments about the Yanks in advance of this series.
Ok, so I found the comment in an 'Extra Bases' post and....I can't get that worked up over it. Disagree with him on it, but it came out like one of those Gammonsesque non-sequiturs that leave you scratching your head and wondering what he was actually trying to say. And I still enjoy his writing in his regular blog a good deal.
It was weird--he started out by saying "there's a notion around here that the buzz is gone" or whatever, and I thought, What does "around here" mean? The news room? The XB blog where they did a poll and the people resoundingly said the buzz ISN'T gone? Then he went into the NY papers which also thought of the rivalry as alive--Lupica nailed it--but then he comes out with his "truth" line. It was totally not the truth! Even if you strictly mean the teams on the field only--Yankee fans wore T-SHIRTS talking about that 5-game sweep! I mean, the fact that one team will have always won more recently than the other, and they're always gonna be two of the to contenders, I just think it's ridiculous to say anything like "the buzz" is gone.

Anyway, I hope all those reporters were watching tonight!
Well, the buzz is certainly back now. ;]

Truthfully, it was just a throwaway line at the start of a links roundup I had to have up quickly. Nothing more than that, probably should have given it more thought. My bad there.

Not sure where you came up with the notion that I rooted for the Yankees in 2001. There's plenty of ammo to hassle me without making stuff up.

Keep up the good work, enjoy the blog,

I really thought you had a blog post up on your old blog about rooting for the Yanks in the 2001 World Series. If that's not true I'll be happy to apologize for getting that wrong.

I just got worked up about that thing because people don't say the rivalry's gone from very strong to just strong--they just say it's not what it used to be, which implies to the average person reading that it's not a strong rivalry, which it always is. What really made me mad though was McAdam--after each game I thought of his line about "don't expect high drama."

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