Thursday, May 14, 2009


We all know about the empty seats at Yankee Stadium. But one thing no one has brought up is the fact that the Yanks had to offer tickets at extremely discounted prices just to get into the old park. That makes this year's prices even more expensive from last year's. I brought this up here a lot last year, as I'd often get the e-mails from the team telling me that all their tickets up to a certain price point were available to some games for $5. Even $48 seats. Almost a 90% discount.

Maybe they should have taken this into consideration when upping the prices. It's hard to believe they were dumb enough to think, Okay, we drew this many fans last year, they'll all just have to pay a little more...., conveniently forgetting that many of them were all but given a free ticket in previous seasons.

They are doing the $5 games this year, too, but only a handful of them--and of course, those tickets have all been bought up and placed on the secondary sites for much higher than that, while MLB stands by, happily partnered with these sites instead of stamping them out.


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