Friday, April 17, 2009

Kwiz Twenty Twenty, Fun Tie

Lou Criger hit one home run in 1905. What was the date?

September 27th
October 7th.
I'm glad I'm not counting on this Kwiz for anything.
9/27 is it!
Mike gets 6 points to vault over three people into second to capture the second place prize!!!!!

What a finish!

(And Pweezil, who had held second, had won prizes on this blog before so I don't feel too bad about him coming close and falling out of the money on the last kwiz.)
Oh, and about the answer--this wasn't my usual kwiz. In this case, I was looking up old articles last night, and saw a boxscore where the Sox lost 15-1. I noticed Criger homered for our only run, so for some reason I checked to see how many he had that season. It was one. I noticed a "HR log" on B-R, and it said one wasn't available (but that HR info for ALL players in history would come out this summer!!!!). Anyway, I didn't go back and check to see how easy this info--when Criger hit his only 1905 HR--was to find, I just threw it out there. Since I found it without looking for it, I wondered if anyone could find it at all. Mike did....
I found Criger's 1905 homer in a list of inside-the-park home runs by catchers.
Whoa! Nice.
Very interesting; I was wondering how he figured that one out so quickly, given that BBRef and Retrosheet weren't going to be of much help. I thought he might have found some microfiche of old boxscores.

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