Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kwiz I'm Bad, Nineteen

Who is this man? (Picture taken by me this month. And I don't mean the guy at left with the Under Armour logo.)

Update: Kwiz solved, here's the full pic:

Chris Carter
That is incorrect.
Had you been right, you would've clinched the title, though!
I think I know it, but I need someone else to guess.
Michael Bowden
No go.

AJM, for the win:
Ryan Khoury?
Ryan Khoury
Sitting Still sneaks in and nails it! And of course, since AJM hadn't seen her answer, they'll both get credit. I think that'll be all AJM needs to take the championship anyway....
I just had a little impromptu on-field celebration in my office, Time to pour some bubbly.

Actually, I'm sitting here amazed that sittingstill slipped the answer in so quickly.
That was crazy--I saw two emails with comments. I knew one was you, but when I saw the other was Sittingstill, I knew she over anyone else would know the young Sock's face.
Congrats to Ajm. I'm WAY outta my element in these kwizzes.
2.9 each for Sittingstill and AJM, 0.2 for pweezil.
Thank you pweezil, but you're being hard on yourself; you've done very well the past two seasons. Sometimes it's just a matter of being lucky enough to check in when Jere's got the latest kwiz up.
"the young Sock's face"

Actually, his elfin ear!

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