Thursday, April 02, 2009

It's Your Citi...

I am psyched for the big NYC dual stadium trip! I've been waiting for this since, like, September. At least the Mets part of it, which was announced back then. But then when I heard of a Yanks-Cubs matchup the same weekend, I thought it would be a perfect way to see both stadiums, and for cheap, as all tickets were discounted. It all worked out perfectly, as I got six dollar seats for Queens, one dollar seats for Bronx. Turns out I made the right move to get YS tickets to this game, as I wasn't able to get one other seat there all for the entire season. (Unless I wanted to pay $2,625 per seat.)

So, here we go. I was happy to learn Shake Shack would be at Citi Field, and now I know it is currently open, but my favorite, the Concrete, will not be available. There is a comprehensive article about what is available food-wise at Citi, if you're going down this weekend.

The official release about the Fenway improvements, year roman numeral 8, is out. I'm still wondering what that area up by Canig's Corner looks like. The seating chart shows this one awkwardly placed RF roof box halfway on the Bud Roof Deck, and tickets have been onsale listed as "new RF Roof Box Row F-G." They say they'll have Monster-style seats up there atop the regular RF roof box seats, which are all new and have a standing area behind them. So maybe row F-G is the new Conig's corner, and have the Monster-style stools? Once again, veggie dogs have NOT been added to the new food selection. Boo.

Oh, and I have two extra tix for Friday at Citi--the night I'll be at Yankee Stadium. Want them? I'll sell 'em to you for face value, 11 bucks each. You'd have to meet me in NYC on Friday early afternoon, though. Or along I-95 Friday morning. E-mail me, address at right.

Two contests are up and running. Mine, and the one at Joy of Sox. Update--I forgot about the contests at this site--see top-right box, and do me a favor, mention my name when you enter--that makes me eligible for another prize. I don't know how this guy is getting World Series tickets...but he's giving them away to the winner, along with other stuff in various contests.

Sox at Twins, 1:05. Update: Sox lose 7-3. Bay homered, Penny didn't do that terrible...

Hey - there was me thinking I would be one of the first to get to both new stadiums, and you are doing exactly the same trip.

Guy at work came through with the Yanks / Cubs tickets today, Christmas present tickets on Saturday!
Goddamn citi group owning everything...

Bah humbug!
If the Red Sox ever sell the naming rights to Fenway Park, that might be the last day I follow Major League Baseball.

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