Monday, April 20, 2009

The Game

2:20: Hunter Jones makes debut in 9th--we win 12-1.

1:49: 12-1 Red Sox!!!!

1:42: Kapstein appears! Second row, big red jacket, USA hat, and big yellow headset! It's like he's in the witness protection program! 10-1 Sox, still batting in the seventh.

1:39: 9-1 now. Everybody hits! Orioles are dangerously close to getting swept.

1:33: Lowell RBI double. 7-1 in the 7th.

1:11: Papi with a two-run triple. High fly to left center, Pie goes back and jumps and misses it. Hits wall, rolls away. This after Pedroia got his second RBI single of the game. 6-1 Sox! After 6.

1:00: Masterson gave us 5.3 strong innings today. MDC finished the sixth. Still 3-1, bottom 6.

12:29: Rocco reached on a three-base error earlier, and strained his hamstring, so he's out of the game. Still 3-1, mid fifth.

12:10 PM: 3-1 Sox after 3.

11:48: Single seats for this weekend's Yankee series just released. Go!

11:41: Varitek HR makes it 3-0 after 2.

11:27: Masterson gets an OTT first, and we score 2. 2-0 after 1. And my theory that Kapstein's actual seat is gone is wrong--I can see someone in it today. But it's still not him. Maybe he gave away all his tix this year to 81 random people.

The guy with the yellow headphones slightly swaying to his own private toons was him?

Dork. Or totally cool guy who doesn't give a shit what anything thinks of him. Not sure which.
He seemed to only be there for that one inning. I think he's all out of sorts because of his dad dying. It's so rare to see him looking at all different from the norm--blue windbreaker or blazer, maybe sunglasses. But for him to suddenly be missing games and then showing up totally different-looking, and in the wrong seat, I fear something is wrong.

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