Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fri/Sat Anti-Terrible Jobathon

I was psyched my mom could be there Friday, and now I'm just as psyched that Kim was with me today. Another crazy comeback win. I'm gonna do some describin' and leave the pics for later.

Saturday: We didn't do any pregame, just got there in time for first pitch. Great day--hot when the sun was out, perfect when it was behind clouds, dreamy when it went down and a cooling breeze came through. No major Yankee fan-age around us in our bleacher section, but just across the great divide, in the grandstand, their fans were representing in scattered but noticeable fashion. It's a shame that the truest fans in Fenway--the right field corner people, had to share the area with the enemy, who were all fooled into buying neck-craning seats by scalpers, I'm sure. But of course it makes for more fun and fights and ejections.

So these people got to cheer a lot at first, with the Yanks going up 6-0. All their cheers were drowned out quickly, but there were more of them, and they were louder than Friday, today being the weekend day game. I started feeling bad for Kim, knowing my mom saw this great game, while she was getting a stinker. But Kim said Beckett would settle down, and overall kept hopes high. And a Jason grandmother slamfather later, we were right back in it, at 6-5. Then Jacoby tied it at 6. Neither Beckett nor Burnett was on today. A rare Dustin error gave the Yanks a lead late, but Lowell's three-run John made it 12-10. Soon the Yanks were bringing out guys from triple-A to pitch, and we finally pulled away after a little scare when it got to 12-11.

Once again, it was so satisfying to know how completely sure these Yankee fans were that they had this won, and then see them blow it like usual.

Friday: My mom was a few minutes late meeting me to go to the Monster Seats for BP, so I had already gotten in when she got to the line. She was supposed to be my "guest," as only I have a RSN membership--but she gave a sob story to the woman at the gate, and was allowed up. We didn't get a ball, though Dustin was trying, but we had fun in the nice weather--it only got a little chilly when the wind blew after dark, but nothing to complain about in April. At one point, Papelbon threw a ball up to the Monster fans, and the missed it--and he booed them.

We had really cool seats. The back wall of the bleachers, to the left and a few rows down from the scoreboard. There were literally two seats in our row, and the back wall behind us. We never had to get up, and we could stand at any time. Some of the best seats in the house, even if they were almost 500 feet from home plate.

Cody Ransom was announced in the starting lineups as Cody Patterson.

In the section to our left was the graduating class of Northeastern University. You always get college kids in the bleachers, but this was ridiculous. Overall they were well-behaved, but there were some Yankee fans mixed in. These guys were big on Derek Jeter chants, and even saying, when Mo came in, "we can go home now." Yeah, you should have for your own sake! A bunch of Yankee fans got ejected, always fun.

And you know what happened. It started with us riling Joba (woohoo!) and having Jacoby get all the way around the bases in about ten seconds. And it ended with Bay hitting a game-tying dong off Mo with two down in the ninth, and Youk winning it with a walk-off blast in the 11th. I should also point out that they're not playing Wild Thing for Papelbon anymore--they go straight to Shipping Up to Boston, with an extension to make it fill out the time, it seems.

Can they possibly top all this Sunday night? I'll be there again with my broom.

(JD Drew, well, he's gotten off the hook with these two incredi-wins. But let's just say he's a case FOR booing your own players. What's the record for most triple plays hit into by one guy in a game? I feel like his next goal is to set that record. Or maybe just "most run-scoring opportunities shat on in one weekend." Anyway, if we'd lost either of these games, this paragraph would be ten times as long.)


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