Friday, April 17, 2009

El Tiante

Last September, I was at a game at Fenway, and the Farrelly Brothers were there filming a movie. They had Luis Tiant throw out the first pitch, which they filmed for the movie. They told us this ahead of time--said to cheer extra loud and go "Loooouie," as if we needed instruction. I guess the filmmakers just wanted to make sure we knew this was for a movie. In my link above, you can also see a shot of them filming Luis walking through the crowd.

Anyway, the movie's coming out. It's a doc on Tiant called "The Lost Son of Havana," which will be showing during IFF Boston at the Somerville Theater next Saturday at 8:00. It will also be showing at the Tribeca Film Festival next week.

Here's the video I shot--if you go to the movie, watch for this scene:

Jere, I don't know if you were going to do it yourself or not , but I nominated your site in the NE blog awards, I hope you don't mind.....
I appreciate it, as I don't think I've ever been nominated for any of these things before.

I did get the same email JoyBoy got--went to that site, and saw they have Ace Ticket logos bigger than their own, and then more below. No way I'm gonna help them get more readers, as they're making money off of nothing--I mean, all their content is from other places, and they rake in the dough from Ace--enough to shell out a 2500 dollar prize! No way I'm gonna promote them, so I won't be mentioning it at all on my blog. If I win, I'll get you all a nice gift with their filthy money:)

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