Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Day Game

4:12: Game one is done. Red Sox win rain-shortened game, 10-1. Still waiting on whether they try to start game 2 on time, but there is more rain on the way. I may be on my way up to Boston soon...

4:08: Still delayed.

3:00: We're in a rain delay. I wonder how this is all gonna work for game 2. Don't know when I should take off for Boston...I'll figure it out.

2:43: Sox up 9-1 now in the seventh. Lowell has a single, double, homer, and three RBI. Oh, and Green just got a bloop ground rule double to make it 10-1.

2:17: 6-1 Boston after six, light rain falling. Rem and Don talking about cows. Ol' friend and CT kid Breslow in for Minny. Yanks-A's tied at 4. Remember how I said the Yanks would have their fair share of homers taken away by fans? Well a guy at Yanke Stadium reached over and gave the A's a home run! It was borderline, actually, and they reviewed it, and let it stand. But still, Damon leaps, and a stupid Yankee fan makes the catch, and gets booed. By empty seats.

1:22: Lowell with the third two-run homer of the day with a line shot to the Monster Seats. 6-0 us after 3. The crowd has filled in nicely.

1:03: Nick goes over the Green for a 2-run shot. 4-0 Sox. I can hear Kazoo Guy after every run.

12:50: Youk with a rare Pesky Pole-dong. 2-0 us after one. Okay, now it looks like those seats right at the bottom of that middle aisle are gone. Tonight I'm definitely gonna check that out in person and maybe get to the bottom of the Kapstein thing.


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