Monday, April 27, 2009


How many times have we seen Yankees come out for a curtain call for a completely un-special moment? The one we had last night was the perfect example of how you save curtain calls for the very special moments. That's how Red Sox fans (and I'd think all other non-Yankee fans) do it. Yet Jerry Remy, who watches every game, apparently doesn't know this. When asked if the curtain call was a "showing up" of the Yanks, he just talked about how curtain calls are common nowadays. Not mentioning that his own team hardly ever does it, and that the fans of the team claiming "showing up" do it all the time.

But wait! TC comes through! Noting that the Yanks have more curtain calls than anyone, including on check-swing home runs to the front row. THANK YOU, TC.

And if you're a Yankee fan with the audacity to make fun of the one curtain call we've done, knowing you've done probably 100 since the last one we did, well, what am I saying, you can't read anyway.

I didn't hear it, but apparently a bunch of the Yankee fan callers into Francessa's show today were bitching about Ellsbury's curtain call, and finally managed to get Francessa all riled up about it too. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling.

With that said, apparently Francessa was giving the Sox a ton of credit overall, pointing out that right now they're clearly a better team and a better organization than the Yanks.
The only curtain calls I remember seeing at Fenway were Schilling's 300th win (or whatever), and um, that's it actually. They don't do it for stuff that simply HAPPENS IN THE COURSE OF TRYING TO WIN THE GAME the way the yanks do. That is showing up your opponent, since you are just congratulating yourself for beating them, which is prettymuch the definition of showiness. The only time we do them are for rare, or career milestone type events, which is appropriate.

If Remy is just opposed to curtain calls in all circumstances, then fine, but no-one in their right mind thinks we do them often.
I answered back that Clueless Putz Francesa on my blog yesterday:

Not ONE Yankee player or coach said one negative thing about Ellsbury's steal or the curtain call.

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