Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Crooked Sox...And Andy

Enough of me trying to explain it, here are some screen shots!

The sox logo, CORRECTLY situated on sleeve:

They're all like this, except for two players I've spotted so far who have the sox logo turned WAY counterclockwise, like the way a casual fan might place a sticker on their windshield. Here are your two INCORRECTLY situated sleeve sockers, Josh Beckett and Jason Bay:

For once, a corporate logo is useful, as the Majestic icon--set parallel to the bottom of the sleeve--makes the error easily noticeable.

Finally, Joy of Sox game thread buddy "Andy" was at today's game. (JoS is where you'll find me during games if I'm not at the park--join us!) In the below shot, he's at the top left in a gray shirt and blue hat with his right arm raised (he was taking pics on nearly every pitch), and to his left, his wife in a red shirt and blue hat:

I was about to comment on how much I like the new gray road uniforms (not the new alt unis, which look like BP jerseys) until I realized that they're now wearing them with NAVY BLUE SOCKS!!!! Who's dumb-ass idea was THAT?!?!? Wearing the wrong-color socks is what the Chisox do. If they were going to change them at all, it should have been back to the red with white and navy stripes.

I love the front of the new shirts a lot though. I do wish they'd take the names off the back. And I was willing to keep an open mind about it until I saw them on the field, but the new dangling Sox alternative caps have got to go.
I think I caught a third incorrect guy--next to Tito in the dugout--could have been DeMarlo Hale. Watch for him.
Brad Penny, also crooked socks.

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