Thursday, April 30, 2009

Criticizing A Random Guy

Guy behind me at Fenway this weekend, talking to girlfriend:

" used to be called the .406 club, which was Ted Williams' average in his last year with the Red Sox. And on the wall there's Morse Code, for...well, I forget whose name it is...but there's a lot of history in this park..."

He could've just summed it up by saying, "there's a lot of history in this park--none of which I'm familiar with"!

(His knee also bumped my seat hard as he lurched forward on what he thought was a home run ball two separate times. Each ball was fouled back behind home plate.)

And while I'm at it, have you seen the Pantene commercial where the woman excitedly says, "it's like the icing on the cupcake--the best part!"? You idiot. The "icing on the cake" phrase doesn't mean "the best part of something," it means something added on to something really good to make it even better. Like Bacos.


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