Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Countdown Continues: Grade 2

We're one step closer to Opening Day as we move to second grade... the big 2009 season contest is coming up later today!
So...I went off the board with my pose in the grade 2 picture. Uncharacteristic. Other notes: This was a huge class! And, terrible job by the photographer, as several kids clearly weren't ready/were sneezing/etc. I'm sure you can spot me. But can you also find....the kid who went by the name "Bill" as opposed to the more kid-friendly "Billy"? ...Another kid who homered off me a few years later in Little League? (also over the wall, and this time with a rare wooden bat)...the kid who ate his potato chips with ketchup?....the kid who I've seen recently sitting at the scorer's table at halfcourt in NCAA basketball tournament games?....the kid who moved to Australia?...the kid who later got a pilot's license and ran a legitimate radio station out of his room, on which I won 103 cds in 1991 by being the 103rd caller? (I was also probably the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, etc...)....the kid who later crashed his motorcycle and required a body cast?....the girl who got her jean jacket autographed by one Corey Feldman when he came to Ridgefield for some reason?...the kid whose father prompted me to scream at the top of my lungs when he appeared on my TV screen--as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune?...the kid whose dad I named a short-lived band after (Skip Faith)?....the kid who came up to my lunch table in middle school and said "everyone at this table is a nerd" before noticing me, remembering that he'd known me since kindergarten, and then added, "except Jere"?


1. Bill is in the back row, third in from left.

2. Homer is the big boy in the back middle, green plaid shirt.

3. Ketchup potato chips boy is the kid covering his face in the third row.

4. NCAA scorer is center, second row directly behind the sign.

5. Australian is the kid with the green vest in the third row, three in from the right (not counting Ms. Bernstein).

6. Radio station/pilot is in the third row, 4 in from the left.

7. Motorcycle crasher is in the second row on the far right.

8. Corey Feldman girl is in the third row, second in from left. (ps: Mel got her jean jacket autographed by Kirk Carmeron once.)

9. Wheel of Fortune guy's kid is the other one holding the sign.

10. Skip Faith is in the back row, 4 in from the left.

11. Lunch table bully is in the third row, 5 in from left (red striped shirt).
You seemed to guess essentially all the people involved, but didn't match any with what they did....
Keep in mind- I consider you on the floor and the first row starts behind you.

Bill: 4th in from the left in the middle row.

Homer: Kid smack in the middle in the first row.

Potato chips: Kid farthest to the left in the middle row.

Recent siting: Kid to the right of the hand covering face kid.

Australia: Kid on the farthest left in the first row.

PIlot/radio: farthest right first row.

Motorcycle crash: the big boy in the top row.

Jean jacket: second row farthest to the right

Wheel of Fortune: Kid on the floor with you.

Band dad: 2nd row, 3rd in from the right.

Everyone is a nard: kid covering face.
Sorry.....none correct. The one you guessed as the pilot was in The you probably know him.
Ugggggh. I have no magical sense of understanding personality/quirks of people by looking at their picture.

But! There is this dumb ass psychic I was listening to on KISS (which was probably the 1st and last time listening to that station) but this woman was looking at pictures of people and was giving very accurate readings of what kind of person they were. So, let's send in one of your picture challenges to her!
ok, here are my guesses, giving special consideration for Kara's guesses since she picked almost everyone involved.

Bill: 4th from right in middle row

Wooden-bat boy: 4th from left in middle row

Ketchup-boy: 4th from right in back

NCAA scorer: 4th from left in back

soon-to-be-aussie: with sign on right

Pilot/radio kid: 3rd from right in middle

boy in bodycast: 3rd from left in middle (covering face)

Corey Feldman fan: 2nd from right in back

Dad on Wheel of Fortune: far right, front row

Son of Skip Faith: 3rd from left, back row

Nerd Police: middle of front row, behind sign
blessy: Kiss 95.7 eh? heh heh

Reb: You only got body cast boy. And no, Pat's dad was not on Wheel of Fortune.

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